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Queen’s University

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  • We used 4 Corners in the past, there was no question of who to use when it came to getting signage. They provide a fast, efficient and high quality service.

    Richard Evans | The Pocket Coffee Company | Belfast

  • 4 Corners came up with an approved vinyl sample, fitting method and installation date that had the least impact on the construction work in the area.

    Jonathan Ridgeway | CDS | Belfast

  • 4 Corners came up with a design that worked and was a show stopper when it went on display at the Self Build Show in February

    Amy Murray | Irish Stone | Lisburn

  • I have found the 4 corners team to be an invaluable extension of the creative services we provide for our client, they continue to bring our ideas to life!

    Paul Donnelly |Bluegator Creative | Moira

Queen’s University

We were approached by CDS, who are the print & design suppliers for Queens University.  They wanted to use the space of a temporary external staircase in order to showcase how the new Peter Frogatt building would look when completed. The final product would be in place for 3 years and therefore needed to be durable.

They wanted to make a feature of the temporary structure, housing the staircase, giving a glimpse of how the finished building would look, for the thousands of students and visitors that pass on a daily basis.

The initial idea from the client was to install a mesh pvc banner, that could be fixed direct to the cladding. However, following our 1st meeting, it was established that due to the construction on the cladding material, “compressed paper”,  drilling or fixing into the structure was not possible, as it would have lead to water getting into the cladding and breaking down the structure of each board.

This left us with only one option, applying self adhesive vinyl direct to the cladding. This created it’s own problems:

The process used to make the panels leaves them with a slightly stippled, low energy surface, which standard self adhesive vinyl will not adhere to. We tried many types of adhesive before finding one that was ideal for the job.
Fitting large vinyl panels outdoors requires a lot of planning and, lets face it, luck with the weather. For the vinyl to bond well, we have to work within certain temperatures and apply dry.

Through various meetings with the client and the contractor, we came up with an approved vinyl sample, fitting method and installation date that had the least impact on the construction work going on in the area we were fitting.

Once the client and contractor were happy with the plans, we then looked at the problem of fitting.

The vinyls being fitted started 6m above the ground, finishing 10.5m above ground, which meant they would be fitted using a scissor lift, large enough to hold 2 fitters and wide enough to allow us to fit up to 4m wide.

The Staircase is within the main University Grounds, in the Cloister, which had paving stones throughout. Therefore, we had to lay sheets of Plywood along a 200m pathway, so as the weight of the Scissor lift was distributed evenly and no damage caused to the grounds.

Through continuous contact with the client and main contractor, we were able to successfully install the graphics on time, with no damage to the University grounds and more importantly, provide a stunning centerpiece to the heart of Queens University Grounds.