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Anti-graffiti Signage

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Anti-graffiti Signage

At 4 Corners we now offer an optional "Anti-Graffiti" coating for all flat finish signs.

This is a self adhesive Polyester Laminate, which is applied to the finished surface, to give a hard wearing finish. If someone writes over the surface with a permanent marker or even spray paint, all it takes is a cloth with a small amount of Cellulose Thinners and the offending Graffiti is easily removed.

Depending on the finish quality, the Anti-Graffiti film can also be applied to existing Flat Finish signs.

Have a look at the video below, to see the Anti-Graffiti in action.

Clip 1 - Permanent Marker Test


Clip 2 - Spray Paint Test


Clip 3 - Cleaning Up After 1 Hour